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Slider-Fruit2016In this world of highly processed food and convenience, it’s easy to skip out on nutrients. Culprits such as soda can have artificial sweeteners that cause headaches. I’ve seen many patients improve with chronic headaches once they eliminate diet soda and other processed foods.  Why?

The most common problem with processed foods are the additives for longer shelf life and color which can trigger headaches.  Additives, such as nitrates and nitrites, dilate blood vessels which can cause headaches in some people.  Flavor enhancers like MSG are known to even trigger migraine headaches. Also high caffeine in sodas and energy drinks can add up after a full day of sipping.

It’s important to check labels if you suffer from chronic headaches as many of these additives are  not visible or have a specific taste.  Usually by eliminating food or drink with these additives for  a few days to a week will show fast improvement and the connection to your headaches will be clear.

For example, eliminating foods and drinks with artificial sweeteners for a week may confirm the trigger.

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