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Disc Decompression is an advanced form of traction (the stretching and separation of joints). Its focus is to reduce pressure associated from an abnormal intervertebral disc.

In between each of the 24 vertebra in your spine, there is a disc. This disc is like a sac full of thick gel and water, which acts like a shock absorber. Either due to trauma or degeneration, discs can go bad and either bulge or become herniated. Think of a jelly doughnut that has lost its jelly. Disc decompression allows for negative disc pressure which can help fluid re-enter the disc and subsequently hydrate the disc.

By hydrating an injured disc we allow the proper nutrition that the body uses to repair cartilage inside the disc. This produces a healing effect that is natural, safe and proven. Treatment plans can vary depending on the number and severity of the levels involved. Usually between 16-24 visits, will produce a symptomatic benefit while helping your body to repair the disc material.

Most insurances cover non-surgical disc decompression, however we do offer a great time-of-service discount for our self-pay patients. We’re one of the few offices in this area offering this type of treatment and are happy to be among the most affordable. We can treat neck or low back disc problems such as: bulging discs, herniated discs, “slipped” discs, sciatica, numbness/tingling, and facet syndrome.


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