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Slider-Dancing2016We don’t always have time to go for a run or visit the gym, but there’s always time for a little dancing! Plus it turns out that listening to your favorite tunes while hopping around the living room may be just the thing for relieving stress.

Benefits of Dancing

In addition to burning calories, dancing also helps strengthen your muscles and bones. Depending on the type of music you like, it can provide either a low impact or high impact workout.  It’s also a lot more fun rather than a traditional workout, which means you are more likely to actually do it.  The best part is that it can help tone all areas of your body rather than focusing on one particular area as many exercises try to do.

Dancing also provides an excellent opportunity to socialize and meet others if you take classes. Dancing, and the physical activity alone can help you ward off a sedentary lifestyle that are often associated with excess weight and too little physical activity. Even as little as thirty minutes of dance 4 days a week can bring about profound results when it comes to your overall health and well being.

All this fun is also good for lowering stress and giving you a healthy outlet to release any pent up anxiety or worry. So go ahead and get out your dancing shoes!  It’s good for you!

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